How to improve your website user experience | Important Tips

How to improve your website user experience | Important Tips
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One of the most important success factors for your website is providing customers with a great experience. The customer is the basis of the business process, and his browsing your website leaves an initial impression that determines his stay or departure.

Are you ready to make this impression positive?

In this article, we'll guide you through seven ways to improve the user experience on your website to ensure your customers get an excellent experience, as well as some tips to get you started. Let us start!

Benefits of improving your website user experience

Higher conversion rates

It's important to note that a conversion doesn't necessarily mean that a potential customer has suddenly bought your product or signed up for your service (and turned into a customer). It could simply mean that they clicked on a call to action "CTA" or that they filled out a form to get more information about your business. This means that your visitors are interested and could one day become interested customers for your services.

Identify your brand perfectly

This is the dream of every company, to follow people who love their product, leave positive comments, and share this product with other potential customers. Happy customers often become repeat customers, which means more sales over time with less effort. A website that provides a good user experience is one way to help people get a more positive association with your business.

Lower bounce-back rate

If your website has a high bounce-back rate, this means that people are likely either not finding what they are looking for on your website or that your content and what you provide on your website did not attract them and they had a bad experience. Therefore, they did not stay long enough. This has a huge negative impact on your website's SEO and your sales as well.

How to improve the user experience of your website

Take care to create attractive CTA

CTA is such a necessary factor in your website design that they deserve special attention. Every page of your website needs at least one CTA provided that it is clear, compelling, and appealing to the user to action.

Here are some phrases you can include on your website as a CTA

  • Option to subscribe to your blog or newsletter
  • A link to your contact page with a form for the user to fill out
  • Links to other pages on your website with more information on a topic
  • Downloadable PDFs (specification sheets, product catalogs, and helpful guides)
  • An online scheduling tool that allows the user to schedule a consultation or meeting
  • A link to log in to your website (as an employee, paid user, volunteer, etc.)
  • Link to related blog posts during (and at the end of) a blog post

You have to know that users get impatient quickly and will not spend more than a few seconds searching for the next step, so it is important to expect how they might want to learn more about your business based on the content they are currently viewing.

Pay attention to the aesthetic elements of your website

Let me tell you that your website is like a shop with pedestrians passing by, think now what would attract them? How do you convince them to stay on the website as long as possible?

You have to take care of making your website design very simple and easy to use. Usually, professional website designers take a long time to design websites just so they can design a simple, easy and distinctive interface. Match colors and fonts and choose them carefully.

Don't make your website slow

80% of shoppers leave websites once a page takes more than 5 seconds to load, they really don't have the patience to spend that time on your website. Also, the speed of your website has an effective and important role in improving the visibility of your website in search engines.

One of the most important reasons for slow websites is high-size designs, bad hosting, software errors or not backing up the memory of the user, so discover these errors and solve them immediately.

Other important tips to improve the user experience of your website

  • Support all user systems, whether phone, tablet or computer.
  • Use the search box to make it easier for the visitor to find what he needs.
  • Use white spaces on your website.
  • Ask customers for their opinion and have them give you their feedback.
  • Make constant repairs and updates to your website.
  • Focus on your website's content, make it Copywriting.

In conclusion, you have to know that the customer should be your first priority, so you have to give him enough attention to get more sales and to build a good reputation for your brand.

If you have a website and need to develop and improve it, you can book a free consultation with the Optimal Pass developer team to answer all your questions.

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